Saturday, February 25, 2012

TSP Gardening Advice

Learning from the mistakes of other...

Thinking about getting head of the garden game by starting seeds? Then this podcast might be for you. I would skip the 1st five minutes of advertising and the last 5min of personal rant. But great content about starting seeds and common issues.

  • Understanding how seeds germinate in the wild
  • Starting seeds: Cubes vs. Pots vs. Paper vs. peat
  • Why starting indoors is a good idea
  • Light and not all light is equal
  • Building a simple grow light
  • Mist watering and watering from the bottom
  • Creating constant temperatures
  • Culling and “pricking out”
  • Starting seeds in pots that are generally considered “direct sow”
  • Seeds that should almost always be direct sowed
  • Hardening off seeds
  • Potting up the why and how
  • Holding back in ground planting until you are sure
  • Mulch is your friend