Saturday, June 16, 2012


If at first you don't succeed...

I utterly failed last year's crop of potatoes. All of them were destroyed by potatoes bugs, and water rot from planting them just before a week of heavy rains. But I don't let an utter failure slow me down so I am back at it again.

  • I should have planted them 3in or more deep (not the 1in deep). 
  • I should have used lots of mulch (4in  to 6in) on top of the soil, not just 2in of mulch. 
  • There is no right position to plant them. Any side up.
  • Using potato cuttings are easier then potato seeds
  • If you are cutting the potatoes, remember to have at least 2 eyes on each cuttings.
  • The ground needs to be loose and not compact. 
    • You might need to till the soil.
    • I needed to add amendments and compost to my clay soil (just leaves from last fall)
  • Don't plant in the wet season. Dry soil is a good thing.
  • Plant between May15th to Jun 15th 
  • Havest depends on your potato type (could be any where from Aug 3rd to Sept 12th)
    • 80 days maturity for fingerlings and new potatoes
    • 120 days maturity for later maturing and storage varieties

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