Saturday, March 03, 2012

Starting Seeds: Trying Something New

Just guy with another project and another experiment...

I happen to have a southern facing window and thought I would try to get some seeds started. For now it is just lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage. I am excited to see if the Self Watering Trays will work, as I am horrible at remembering to water my plants. I will post more updates and pictures to see works the best.

Here are following items I will be trying for starting seeds:
  1. Soil Cube
  2. Self Watering Tray
  3. Grow Soil Pellets
  4. Traditional Seed Trays

I am adding some as additional light to prevent legging/spindling. Plants need 14hrs of sun to get started (16hrs to flower and fruit). In Milwaukee we get 12hr in February and March, so I am going to add a little grow light on a timer that will add 2hrs of light. For more photos of this project click here

I always recommend you review common mistakes before you plan your seed starting approach.


  1. I have a bathroom with a southern facing window and have turned it into a greenhouse for seed-sarting the last 3 years. I use clear plastic cups covered with plastic wrap until the seeds sprout. Starting using the clear cups so my grandson could see the roots. My veggie garden outside is all in 5-gallon plastic containers. I plant cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, and pumpkins...all started with seeds. I buy my tomato plants. Thanks for the "common mistakes" info. I printed it out. I'm guilty of starting seeds too soon. Have a happy growing season. This snow is better than tornadoes, right?


    1. like the idea of simple clear plastic cups. You should post some pictures. And I agree, shoveling snow is better then hiding from tornadoes.