Thursday, October 18, 2012

CSA: 9th Box

The 9th box from my CSA (from 
LotFotl) I put on hold.

Yep, I went on vacation and just paused my order for that week. It was easy to do from I just signed in and entered the dates I would be on vacations. Took all of 40 seconds out of my day.

I received an email telling my what I could do with me "missed" share:

Dear FrozenGardener, 
Have fun on your vacation! We have received your vacation request and will not be delivering your box while you are away. Please see below how to order your replacement box when you have returned.
1. Your account will NOT subtract the amount of the box the was held for your vacation.
2. Instead, you will see the amount subtracted as Vacation Box Fee
3. You will also see FARMIGO CREDITS added to your account
4. When you are ready to order your replacement box, go to our farm store
5. Search in the OTHER catagory for Vacation Replacement Box, you can purchase this box with your farmigo credits
6. Thank you for only using vacation credits to order a remplacement boxes
7. Box must be ordered within the store hours to be received for the next delivery

Store hours:
Thursday delivery; store closes on the Tuesday prior at 11 pm

Enjoy your time off,
Tim and April

When I got back, I saw that I had a Farmigo Credits [$30.75].  I had some questions but I just emailed April and she got back to me. Now I just have to figure out what I should get.... You can check out the selection at

The box includes the following:
  • Nothing, went on vacation.

You can check out my CSA price break down here (Frozen Gardener). Getting that Farmers Market itch? check this list of Milwaukee farmers market here (

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