Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lawn Care

Maybe it is a case of the 'Grass is always greener...' but my neighbor yards look better/healthier then my yard. I need to take a long deep look at how I am taking care of my yard. Last year I took a very simple approach of  fertilize and cut the lawn, but still my lawn is lacking. And so the experiment beings...

This year I am going to try 2 different theories of lawn care. Though out the year I will update you on how things are going and any issues I having.

Front Yard: The Conventional Fertilizer Chemical
This is your basic fertilizer and spray weeds/bugs. I am mainly going to be reading through brand name websites like  Scotts/MeracleGro. People have been doing to for year so it must work. I am going to dig deep learning about the chemical way and let you know what work/fails.

Back Yard: Mother Earth Organic
It is age of 'Going Green'. I am going to all natural with this approach; Digging up weeds, using organic lawn repair (lime, gardener's sulfur, compost), and rest to the earth worms. Most of the good information I have found is from Rich Soil. Lots of what I have been reading says just let it be and pull up weeds.

Feel free to leave comments, concerns, or ideas.