Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winter Farmers Market

The official end of the Wisconsin winter might have been last weekend?

While we might still have some cold days here in Milwaukee, this year's "Milwaukee County Winter Farmers' Market" ended on Saturday April 14th 2012. This farmers market runs from Nov 5th - April 14th, every Saturday from 8am-Noon. It's indoors, which is great for snowy days. When I went on April 14th, there was green vegetables, root crops, honey, wine, meat, fish, mushrooms, local coffee, jarred pickles, and some cool dog treats. Out side there was a tent selling seedling plants; peppers, tomatoes (so many varieties...), lettuces, herb, etc..

So what did I buy. Rushing Waters Fisheries located in Kettle Moraine had a deal on two fresh trout, smoke salmon, and salmon burgers that I couldn't pass up. While talking to Springdale Farm I bought some potatoes. My wife loves the pickled mushrooms over aRiver Valley and I really like their mixed mushroom deal. We just last night ate the incredible tasting lamb chops from Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms, Watch Steph's Snack Shack for the a blog about dish. 

Still not impressed, well visit the links bellow and see what else they had there. Remember just 7 more months before it starts again... that reminds me, I better start working on my vegetable garden before it winters comes back! ;)

Official Milwaukee County Winter Farmers' Market

List of Producers at the Winters Farmers Market

More pictures from my visit