Saturday, February 18, 2012

Starting Seeds: Scheduling

A garden man with a plan

I know it just snowed just last week, but know is the time to plan what you are going to be growing. Your local hardware and garden stores know it is time, and they already have seeds ready to sell. Maybe you just need to plan what and where you are planting. maybe it it time to get some seeds started. Maybe you are going to start buying supplies for that green house.

First some basic (Zone 5):
Average Last Freeze: May 30th
Average First Freeze: Oct 1st

Schedule for seed starting/planting (Zone 5):

Starting Seeds:
Remember that if you are starting seeds you need to think about extra light, extra heat, extra water. Those poor little seeds need constant attention to get started.

Planting Seeds/Plants:
I would keep an eye on the weather. A frost or night temps at 32F could kill your plant or stunt its growth where you won't get any fruit that year.  You might what to look at a cold frame or hot box. I am going wait till May 20th for my hot box, and June 10th for regular planting.