About Me

Why I do the things I do...

My wife and I are foodies. After realized how much more flavorful food is when it is fresh and home grown, i have been gardening ever sense. I eat every day, so gardening seems like a beneficial hobby.I your average neighborhood computer guy. I have no experience farming, gardening, or keeping my house plants alive. Living in the Milwaukee Wisconsin (USDA Zone 5 area) presents some challenges for gardening. The soil is clay, winters are harsh, summer growing time is short, and lots of rain storms.

I searched the web looking for a blog, website, or podcast that would give some tips on what to do (or what to avoid). Everything I found was "It is warm and sunny and nice draining soil here, this is how you garden." Where I live ground freezes 18in deep, 80% of the yard is shaded by trees, and the soil is compacted clay.

I started to experiment by trying different gardening techniques. Most of them failed, but a few worked. I hope this blog helps you be informed (not afraid) of how to start a garden.

if you have questions feel free to email me FrozenGardener@Gmail.com