Saturday, March 03, 2012

Starting Seeds: Trying Something New

Just guy with another project and another experiment...

I happen to have a southern facing window and thought I would try to get some seeds started. For now it is just lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage. I am excited to see if the Self Watering Trays will work, as I am horrible at remembering to water my plants. I will post more updates and pictures to see works the best.

Here are following items I will be trying for starting seeds:
  1. Soil Cube
  2. Self Watering Tray
  3. Grow Soil Pellets
  4. Traditional Seed Trays

I am adding some as additional light to prevent legging/spindling. Plants need 14hrs of sun to get started (16hrs to flower and fruit). In Milwaukee we get 12hr in February and March, so I am going to add a little grow light on a timer that will add 2hrs of light. For more photos of this project click here

I always recommend you review common mistakes before you plan your seed starting approach.