Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gardeners 'To Do List': Nov

It gets colder and thus it is time to start planning for next year

This is the time to be picking the last of your harvest before snow hits. While racking up leaves is probably consuming your free time, now is the time to put your gardens to bed... If you have been freezing/canning/dehydrating then now is your time to shine. Time to make pies, start us the jars of jam, and heating up soup mixes.

I am preparing my garden beds for next year by:
  • tilling garden beds
  • fixing and setting up new garden beds
  • emptying my compost bins to store leaves I am raking up
  • mixing compost into the garden beds
  • propagating my strawberry/raspberry plants to other areas
  • trimming trees and shrubs (1/3 rule)
  • storing my rain barrels
  • cleaning gutters one last time.
  • cleaning out the shed and checking the snow blower
  • writing blogs to post next year :)

Time to harvest and eat:
  • Kale
  • Broccoli

Sow seeds into the soil:
  • indoor herb garden.

You still have extra time and want to do more. (where are you getting this free time???)
  • Go to a winter farmers market
  • Plan for next years crop
  • Read a gardening book
  • Start building hot boxes
  • Start building potato boxes
  • Sharpen your gardening tools
  • What about adding a automated drip irrigation system?

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